These are all groups I'm currently playing with in Seattle. Between travels, I get in a few shows with these guys when I can.

The Cumbieros

We play classic Chilean Cumbia. The group is a mixture of Chileans and 'gringos' based in Seattle. By fate I met the group in 2012 soon after returning to Seattle from Chile and they even needed a keyboard player! Stay tuned for shows in Seattle in 2013. The Cumbieros

Turtle and the Snare

Turtle and the Snare is a live hip-hop band centered around rapper and friend Turtle Toes and featuring a few other former Dyno Jamz members. Here's a video from a recent show.

Victory Lap

Pop-rock covers with some old friends from UW.

Big Fun

Big Fun is Stefan Paul George, David Boman, and me. We recently recorded six songs that will hopefully be released sometime soon. This is a sample - "Lost in the Static."

Stefan's solo music