Dyno Jamz, 2007-2011

The Dyno Jamz album (feat. singer Ray Dalton)

Dyno Jamz was an 8-10 member hip-hop and jazz group. We played original songs powered by the lyrics of MC Turtle Toes and a 4-member brass section. The group won EMP's Sound Off! Battle of the Bands in 2009 and blasted/elevated many UW house parties over the years. The band picture below, by Nick Simmons, was taken in my and Nick's garage in 2009. Fun fact: it was December and we were freezing; Nick had to edit clouds of our breath out of the final photo.

Dyno Jamz at home

Turtle and the Snare, 2013

Turtle and the Snare was a live hip-hop band centered around Turtle Toes and featuring a few other former Dyno Jamz members. Here's "Love" from a show at Barboza.

Spain Trio, 2015

I lived and taught in Spain for two years. I recorded a short album of original compositions with my trio there, and featuring a variety of other talented musicians and artists. Here's a jazz classic featuring my Sevilla busking partner Cherie on vocals:

UW Modern Jazz Band, 2008-2010

During my junior and senior years at UW, I played in the UW modern jazz ensemble directed by Cuong Vu. We played some Cuong Vu originals, some creative interpretations of pop songs, and a lot of originals written by people in the group.

Expansion - My last quarter at UW, spring 2010, we preformed this 45 minute piece the whole band wrote together based loosely on the History of the Universe.

Here's a composition of mine played by the group, "Mind Machine":

Victory Lap

Pop-rock covers with some old friends from UW. We may do a 'reunion' one of these days.

Big Fun, 2008-2013

Big Fun was a rock group with Stefan Paul George, Clarke Reid, and David Boman. Here's a demo we recorded - "Lost in the Static."

Clarke Reid Solo

Here's a little pop tune I came up with and recorded myself in 2008:

Racer Sessions and Capitol Cider Monday Jam

My two favorite Seattle weekly jam sessions, the former a low-key avante-garde hang and the latter a lively, Brazilian/latin tinged jam that usually attracts a lot of singers.